Kungfu for  Everyone

Girl practicingClosed for the epidemic. Contact Sifu Kim for private lessons outdoors.

Get strong, have fun, and learn the art of self defense. Ages 7 to adult learn kung fu basics, Pai Lum and Hung Gar forms, and practical self defense. Kids sharpen skills with Sumo wrestling and adults and intermediate and advanced levels with kungfu sparring. Opportunity to advance to the next level through sash testing at the end of each quarter. Taught by Sifu Kim and Sifu Oliver.

  • Kung Fu Basics: Tuesday & Thursday, 4:30 – 5:45 pm and Sunday Noon-1:15 at BCMH in SE Seattle. Register here for unlimited Kung Fu classes.
  • Intermediate/Advanced Kung Fu: Tuesday & Thursday, 5:50 – 6:30. Advanced Forms, Sparring, and Self Defense. Blue sash and above, or by invitation.
  • After-School Kung Fu Elite: Includes pickup from Graham Hill and Orca K-8, park or library time, an extra 30-minute kung fu lesson, and Tu/Thu/Sun Kung Fu Basics class. Register here.
  • Kung Fu at Orca K-8: Click here to register on for Orca Plus, Monday and Wednesday onsite after-school program for grades 2-8 (select Enrichment at My School.) Winter quarter starts January 13.
  • Intro Special: One week of Kung Fu for free! Sign up below.
Two students practicing

Kungfu Adventure Camps

Activities include Kungfu and self defense classes with most of the day spent outside in active play and fieldtrips. Visits to the library for rainy days. Co-taught by Sifu Jun and Sifu Kim. Based at JunHong’s Kung Fu Club at 50th and S. Genessee.
Register and pay $100 deposit per session by 5/1 and contact Sifu Kim by email or call or text 206.979.0459 to reserve your sessions.

  • Ages 7 and up.
  • Summer Camp Sessions: 7/6-10, 7/13-17, 7/20-24, 8/3-7, 8/10-24, 8/17-21.
  • $220/week for currently enrolled students, $300 for new students. $60/day as available. Scholarships available.
  • Summer Camp tuition includes the entire Kungfu Summer Session, up to 18 Kungfu Basics classes.

Gentle Qi Gong

Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8:00 – 9:15
Led by Sifu Kim
Junhong Kung Fu Club, 50th Ave S & S Genessee
We open with gentle stretching, warm up, and qi building meditation followed by Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong series. Easy to learn and do, gets your energy flowing, your body feeling good, and your mind clear. Great for anyone who wants to honor and move beyond their limitations. Watch this video to learn about the class. Register for Unlimited Kung Fu for this class, or come try one week for free! Contact Sifu Kim by email or call or text 206.979.0459 to reserve your spot.

Meditation and Healing

Training in Power Level 1: The Prophet

Fridays: March 20, 27 and April 3, 10, 3:00 – 6:00pm
SPRING SPECIAL: $100 discount!
Register now for Early Bird Rate, save an extra $60! Expires March 6.
Kimberly Bowen teaches a transformational 4-week meditation course through the Training in Power Academy. View Kimberly’s teaching profile here, and contact Kimberly if you would like more information or would like to schedule a free energy healing session.

The Children’s Course: Meditation for ages 6-10

Saturdays: May 16, 23, 30, June 6
Children learn meditation and relaxation techniques geared to their age. They learn what to do when they feel angry or frustrated and how to protect themselves from negative thoughts and actions. This Training in Power Academy course honors the child’s intuitive powers and brilliance, taught in ways that are fun and build confidence. Contact Kimberly if you would like more information, or learn more and register on

Krav Maga & Self Defense

Women’s Self Defense Intro Workshop

Sunday, December 1, 2019, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
5004 S. Genessee St., Seattle 98118
For teen and adult women
Develop your Voice of Power and Take Charge Attitude. Train in techniques to defend against chokes, grabs, and punches. All levels of fitness and ability welcome. Thanks to Windermere Mt. Baker and Junhong Kung Fu Club for sponsoring!

Naama evades Hawk's knife

Self Defense and Safety for Kids

Sifu Kim makes it fun! Learn ways to be smart about your safety in any situation, and how to use your awareness and your Voice of Power to avoid attack. You also practice some easy, effective defense techniques you can use against big people or playground bullies. Great for schools, parties, or community groups. One to two hours, depending on ages. Contact Sifu Kim at  or 206.979.0459.

Krav Maga Self Defense Series II

$60 for 4-week series
For teens and adults
Series 2 strengthens foundational defense skills learned in Men’s Krav and Women’s Self Defense Series I and Intro Workshops. Review defense against grabs and chokes and learn how to fall safely,defend against punches, defend from the ground, and knife defense. Based on Commando Krav Maga and American Women’s Self Defense Association system. Register here.

Self Defense Workplace Seminars

The Self Defense Intensive Intro makes a great team building activity that provides valuable safety and defense skills in a fun, interactive way. Ideal as a two-hour or half-day seminar. For companies that want to provide a fitness and defense program, a series of one-hour classes can help develop the full range of basic defense skills. Contact Sifu Kimberly Bowen or call 206.979.0459 to request a program that meets your needs.

Class Locations

Kungfu and Self Defense

During epidemic restrictions, classes will be held outdoors. Contact Sifu Kim for location and times. After the epidemic clears, classes held at Columbia City Fitness, 2609 S Jackson St. Kung Fu camps, Gentle Qigong and some workshops held at Junhong Kung Fu Club at 5004 S. Genesee St.


Kung Fu in the Orca Plus after-school program are held in the cafeteria at Orca K-8, 5215 46th Ave S. Enroll at (select “Enrichment at my School” to see listing.)


All students must fill out a Registration Form and bring it to your first class. Click here to download the form.


For questions about these courses, contact Sifu Kim at or call or text 206.979.0459.

Vacation and Summer Camps

Camps drop off at Junhong Kung Fu Club at 5004 S. Genesee St, Seattle, 98118. Mon/Wed/Friday pickup at Junhong Kung Fu Club. Tuesday/Thursday pickup at Columbia City Fitness, 2609 S Jackson Street.