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Kung Fu Vacation Camps

Kung Fu Unlimited: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday

Quarterly Rate
Student Name(s)


Kung Fu Elite After-School Club

Includes pickup, park or library time, and Tu/Thu/Sun Kung Fu class.

Monthly or Quarterly
Student Name(s) and School

Sunday Kung Fu: Black Belt Club

Sunday Class – 1 quarter: $120

Sunday Class – 1 month: $50

Kung Fu Test Fees

White: $40

Yellow or Blue: $55

Green: $70

Purple: $80

Brown: $120

Black: $525

Red: $700


T-shirt: $15

Hooded Sweatshirt: $30 Youth, $35 Adult

Pants: $25

Full Uniform: $40

Special Amounts

For special amounts arranged with instructor, click “Donate” button and enter the amount to pay.

Self Defense Intro Workshop or Krav Maga Self Defense Series II

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